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Visit Temecula Consignment Shop to turn luxury fashion accessories into cash. Our designer consignment store serves Temecula and Riverside County with superb consignment deals and high cash offers on estate jewelry, luxury handbags, … [Read More...]

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Temecula Consignment Jewelry

There is money in your jewelry box! Visit Temecula Consignment Shop and we will turn your old jewelry and luxury watches into cash. Our upscale consignment store offers two ways to sell fine jewelry and high-brand watches: 1) Consign jewelry & … [Read More...]

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There is money in our closet! If your luxury fashion accessories are in good to like-new condition, Temecula Consignment Shop can turn your fashion closet into an ATM. Our upscale consignment boutique offers Temecula residents two … [Read More...]

Temecula Community


Temecula Consignment Shop would like to thank the Temecula Arts Council for the excellent work it does supporting the arts in and around Temecula. The Arts Council of Temecula Valley is a community-based organization dedicated to … [Read More...]